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Psychic Healing Premium

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  • Name: Psychic Healing
  • Contact: (510) 378-4404
  •  Fremont, CA, USA

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 Business category: Doctors & Hospitals
 Business contact: (510) 378-4404

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~Palm Reading~ A palm reading is a simple approach to finding out more about yourself. The life, love, and head lines are a brief outline of your personality. Your life span, relationship longevity, and career success can be determined through your palm. Also, can confirm pregnancies and determine males or females. In life. your strengths and weaknesses aren’t always known. With the reading of the palm, you are able to find out how you will cope with the obstacles of life. If you are strong enough to overcome them or if you need to become more humble to ensure your are prepared for anything ahead. ~Tarot Card Reading~ Tarot cards are very interesting. They allow for a different approach at laying out your past, present, and future. A psychic uses the tool of the tarot to enhance the ability of finding out detailed information about significant topics in your life. Once connected, the cards will show certain people that play a part in your life, wether negative or positive.Your co-workers, family members, and lovers from all timings will come though when necessary in your reading. The reading will consist of 33 cards…10 for your past, 10 for your present, and 10 for your future. The last three will make up the end of your reading and are used as answers to direct questions of your choice. This allows you to fully benefit from your reading and ensure key topics are touched on and specific questions are answered. ~Psychic Reading Session….$60~ 30mins/ $100~ 60mins A psychic reading is detailed and more in depth. It’s a combination of Palm, Tarot card and Psychic Readings as a complete Package. Having a psychic reading can touch on the most important factors of your life. Career, finance, love, and marriage are just a few basic topics. Letting a psychic connect with you spiritually can allow you to shape your destiny in ways different than just following your intuition or jumping to conclusions. With knowledge of your past, present, and future, a psychic can guide you or provide clarity and confirmation with any topic that may concern you. The third eye chakra, or energy level will be opened and you will be able to channel through spiritually to provide all the key answers to your questions. ~Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing ~Call for Pricing. Chakra Balancing is done by placing certain crystals along the body. There’s 7 different chakras or energy levels throughout the body. Starting from 2 inches below the navel up into the top of the head. Each chakra outlines mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Balancing the chakras can help you to be successful in career and love. also can help you to make decisions, strengthen intuition, and bring harmony and stability back into your life. The root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. ~Chakra Analysis Reading….$120 ~60mins. A chakra analysis reading is a combination of a psychic reading session and 1 chakra balancing session. This should be done to let you know which of your chakras are blocked. After doing the analysis, we can then determine how many need to be charged and balanced and if a full chakra balancing is needed. It is then up to you to decide if you would like to continue with balancing and healing of the chakras. It is possible that you are in complete alignment, and you may need not a full balancing. Either way, this session will help you to determine if you need to take the necessary steps to heal or if you are perfectly aligned and things should be left to the power of the universe.

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